Week 10 Round Up

6 games 3 wins, 1 draw and 2 defeat to add to the annals of club history.

A day of Peterboroughs for the Ladies sides. The Ladies 1s spanked Pboro 3s 7v0. Grace Evans with 5, Lydia Evans and Jess Griffiths with the goals.

The Ladies 3s carried out a spanking of their own against the delightfully charming Pboro 5s goals from Leah Palmer, Cesca Clow-Wilson and Welshy on her return.

The Ladies 2s travelled to play Pboro 4s and lost their unbeaten start to the season 2v0.

The M1s lost 2v1 to Norwich City 3s Simon Donald with the goal. The M2s won the first half 2v0 against Dragons 4s at a guess. Goals from Alex Aitken and Toby Gould. Second half both sides swapped roles as injuries and fitness began to fail for the 2s and Dragons came roaring back for a 2v2 draw.

Finally but far from least the M3 picked up another good win on the road, 1v0 against Ipswich East Suffolk 4s thanks to excellent keeping from Jiminy Haynes and a first senior match winning goal for Liam Mitchell.

One more round of fixtures before Christmas