President’s Cup

The President’s Cup is perhaps the most prestigious award in the Club. The award is made by the Committee to a person associated with the Club that has demonstrated an exceptional level of support for the Club and its activities.

2022/23Peter Sargeant
2021/22Vicky Benedikz
2019/20Stef Heslop
2018/19Sue Bullimore
2017/18Vicky Benedikz
2016/17Peter Booth
2015/16Claire McDonnell
2014/15Mel Podd
2013/14Chris Routs
2012/13Di Thomas
2011/12Peter & Nicola Boyle
2010/11Chris Evans
2009/10L Downs
2008/09Zoe Bailey
2007/08S Smith
2006/07S Smith
2005/06Colin Seakins
2004/05Hazel Rolfe
2002/03Duncan Freed
2001/02Gail McConnell
2000/01Sue Bullimore
1999/00T Wade
1998/99Hazel Rolfe
1997/98W B Wilson
1996/97S Harrington
1995/96D Lewis
1994/95Neil Badcock
1993/94Colin Seakins