Lady Badgers Win!

Sunday saw Newmarket U14 Badgers girls travel to Sudbury with an umpire in tow for their first competitive game this season. Badgers for those not in the know are a side predominantly of youngsters with a couple of grizzled veterans to point them all in the right direction.

This weeks grizzled veterans were Lydia Evans, Faye Andreou, Ellie Chapman and Vicky Benedikz (Thank you for giving up you Sunday afternoon)

U14 girls: GK: Liv Wright, Players: Amber Davison, Rose Davison, Rose Lock, Francesca Griffiths, Matilda Fenwick, Melanie Benedikz, Isabel Verdonk, Edith MacDonald, Ella Hill and Ava Worsley. 

Old bloke with a whistle: John Benedikz

First quarter: Sudbury found their feet quickly and had two experienced and quick forwards who kept Newmarket’s back line on their toes, but when Newmarket got the ball in their possession they looked really dangerous with quick accurate passing and a willingness to take on and try to beat the Sudbury defenders. Newmarket took the lead when grizzled veteran Ellie Chapman found herself with no other option but to shoot (where were the post men). Sudbury had the first set of short corners and despite generating good chances could not squeeze the ball home.

Second quarter – Newmarket visibly began to settle as a team and used the pitch space better and worked well as a team, although a more communication from the juniors would have been good. Overall a better quarter.  Matilda Fenwick who I am told is new to hockey this year impressed with a natural attacking flair as well as one of the ugliest tackles which floored both herself and her opposite number – no blood or tears but lovely commitment, although maybe one to learn from. 

Half time – 1-0 Newmarket

The third and fourth quarters were full of high quality counter attacking hockey from both teams. As the game wore on Newmarket found themselves spending more time in the Sudbury half, which is where you want to defend a 1v0 lead, at one point Ellie Chapman scored a 6.8 for her belly flop after a tackle, but some world class umpiring decided she had committed the first offense. There were some late fireworks as Lydia refused to stop trying to shoot and a Sudbury player could only use the back of their stick to stop the shots. A short was awarded and Newmarket could more or less play out time.

Final Score – 1-0 Newmarket and everyone walked off discussing how it was possibly the finest display of umpiring yet seen by humanity.

The word of the day was “leave it” – trying to encourage the juniors to judge when to chase down a ball and when to let it run off for a sideline ball. 

Everyone had an amazing game, and it was amazing to see so much young talent coming through for the future.