The Most Cunning of all L3 Plans

On the previous visit to Cambridge South we had a few minor issues: 

1) we lost 2-0 not because of any poor play but due to starting with 8 and ending with 9 – allowing South to find space that we couldn’t necessarily cover and,

2) the umpires / opposition questioning the age of a player 

So South came expecting to win but Newmarket had a plan, one so cunning that Baldrick himself would have been proud;

1) Put 11 players on the pitch and 2) Win.

And to be honest it went rather well. Emma Taylor opened the scoring with a run from the half way line that beat several South defenders and slammed the ball passed the South keeper and that was it for the first half. Despite out playing South for large proportions of the half no further goals were scored and South were able to launch a few counter attacks that were snuffed out by the back line. Newmarket did however take the time to develop their own rather controversial style of defending, that of the “Bailey Rush”, which involve all 10 outfielders disappearing up the field and leaving keeper Liv Wright to save the day, which she did. That is showing trust in your keeper.

Half Time: 1-0

Not content with leading 1v0 and creating new defensive routines, Newmarket set about dismantling South in the second half. Firstly Vicky Benedikz deflecting home an Alex Lowe strike into the D. The badger moment of the game was the umpires discussing the touch by Benedikz to decide if it was a goal or not (thank you South for advising). Next up Jersey Bennett collected her first league goal for the club breaking into the South area and slotting past the keeper. Benedikz grabbed her second and Newmarket’s fourth slotting through the keepers’ legs and in a shameless attempt at jug avoidance managed to strike the post only for Cesca Clow-Wilson to tap in from close range. 5v0 and all looked rather good only for South to sneak, albeit a rather good goal at the end.

The team consisted of:

Zoe Bailey (C), Liv Wright (GK), Lydia Evans, Emma Taylor, Alex Lowe, Jersey Bennett, Peggy Claydon, Poppy Montgomery, Natalie Rice, Debutant Renata Gazmuri, Cesca Clow-Wilson and Vicky Benedikz. 

Full Time: 5-1

POM – Poppy Montgomery – for great play in CM despite being nervous about the position in the beginning. 

Lemon – Jersey for her GK skills despite playing outfield, 2 man defensive strategy