Summer League Team Selection

After some last minute reshuffling due to injury we are finally happy to announce the team selection for this years Newmarket Hockey Club Summer League 😃

Now for the bit everyone hates… Housekeeping ☹

  • There must be AT LEAST 3 women on the pitch at all times.
  • The ball cannot be raised above knee height. It can be hit, slapped, pushed so long as it isn’t raised above the knee.
  • Each team must provide an umpire when they are not playing. As with any game, don’t appeal every single decision the umpire makes. If you think you can do better, you have a go.
  • If a team is short for whatever reason they must replace players like for like in order to keep the game fair (e.g., if you are missing a men’s 3 you must replace with a men’s 3, you cannot replace with a men’s 1).
  • We have a lot of transitioning juniors attending this year’s summer league which is fantastic! Please be mindful of this when attacking and defending.

We look forward to seeing you all there!