Week 20 Round Up

Mixed fortunes at Newmarket Hockey Club this week as the end of the season approaches with only 2 games remaining.

Ladies 1s won 3 v 0 Cambridge South 2s. We knew this was going to a tough game as they had already beaten 2 of the top sides. Tight first half ending 0-0 after Jersey Bennett took their player out and saved the resulting stroke. Second half was an improvement in play, not so good for CJ in her first game for the club, took a stick to the face, get well soon. Strong defence and midfield work, great running off the ball, Grace Evans getting a pair and Maisy Swann in her last game of the season passing to Georgia Atherton for an open goal. Ladies 2nd in 2NW.

Grace Evans celebrates her brace Photo: Michael Bennett

Ladies 2s won 2 v 0 St Neots 3s Tracy Cockerill and Helen Hansgate. 1st in 4NW and almost uncatchable going into their final game.

Mens 1s lost 6v5 to UEA, Goals from Simon Donald (2), Will Wilson, Matthew Holden and Alex Andreou 9th in 2NE

Mens 2s win 3 v 0 Ipswich 3s. Mark Pears x2 and Will Green with the goals, back up yo 4th in 4NE

Ladies 3s 1 v 1 Wisbech 3s, Ella Hill with her first goal for Newmarket. 7th in 5NW

Mens 3s 0 v 0 5th in 5NE(S) Honestly can’t think of a thing to say. Well done the defence.