Flamingos Spotted in St. Ives

Photo by Danny Gallegos on Unsplash

Starting with a line up of 10 we were cautiously optimistic: 

Melanie Benedikz (GK), Zoe Bailey (c), Peggy Claydon, Ella Hill, Robyn Kennedy, Isabel Verdonk, Rachel Kellet (debut), Jo Graham-Thompson, Vicky Benedikz and Tania Fisher.

Proposing to start the game with only 9 the team were hugely grateful for Fisher offering to step up and play for the team having already played earlier in the day. 

The opening 10 minutes were very promising with lots of attack coming from Newmarket. Taking up residence in the St Ives D like a colony of flamingos. The Bailey goal was scored within the first 15 minutes with a failed attack picked up by V Benedikz who drove it towards the back line, crossed it to Kennedy who struck at the keeper with Bailey on the post to pick up the deflection from the keeper. 1-0 Newmarket. 

Newmarket continued to attack but St Ives found a new level of determination to see a win with their extra players. With only minutes to go of the half, an unfortunate short was awarded against M Benedikz. To ensure she kept a clean sheet she went to kick the ball and disgustingly found it like a pineapple hitting the backboard. 1-1 at half time.

St Ives took the pushback, but Newmarket attacked from the off showing some good winding skills from Hill, it helped that the wind was in our favour. 

Lots of possession, great hockey, passing, positions, linking play but we lacked the finish to get past the keeper again who was solid in the goal on first strike. Claydon made some great runs down the right-hand side of the pitch, linking up with either Bailey, Fisher, Kennedy and V Benedikz keep the ball moving forward. Graham-Thompson, Kellet, Verdonk stopped attacks from reaching too far up the pitch, so M Benedikz had a mostly quiet second half. 

Sadly, despite the numerous attacks no further goals were scored making the full time score 1-1.

Player of the match:  Peggy Claydon – for continuing attacks down the right-hand side of the pitch and never giving up.  

Lemon of the match: this was unanimously given to St Ives for preparing to start the second half with only 10 on the pitch despite having a couple of subs.