End of Season Round Up

Week 22 saw the end of the season and our final set of results at Newmarket Hockey Club.

L1s beat Pelicans 2v1. Charlotte Redden and Grace Evans with the goals. Ketterins 1v0 at South means Kettering take the title and probably promotion by a single point. 2nd 2NW

L2s Already Champions of 4NW

L3s lost 3v0 to Ely 2s, a great second half performance not enough to earn a point.

M1s Lost 3v2 to Dragons 1s, goals from Ollie Trent and Matt Holden. 10th in 2NE

M2s lost 2v0 to Harleston 5s 4th in 4NE

M3s lost 3v1 to Ipswich Cranes Ben Ennion-Smith with the consolation. 4th or 5th in 5NE.

Huge thanks to John Benedikz for providing us with our weekly round ups all season.